Cathy Waddington – Director

Cathy was taught to sew by her mum who was a keen dressmaker. They had an electric sewing machine at home and Cathy soon realised she could earn extra pocket money by taking in the legs of her friends’ jeans and shortening mini-skirts to microscopic proportions. In her teens she was always the belle of the ball at the annual village dance in something she had made herself. She can still recall the excitement of finding a pattern and the subsequent trip to Borovics in Berwick Street in London to choose the fabric.

A degree in Fashion & Textile Design seemed like a natural progression and in 1989 she graduated from Bath with a Bachelor of Education (Hons). When her son Daniel was born Cathy worked from home making curtains for friends and neighbours. This quickly developed into quite a business and was great for fitting in around the demands of a youngster.

In 1993 she joined a large showhouse design company in Chessington called Roomservice where she stayed for 8 years working firstly as a curtain estimator and then latterly as the deputy manager of the soft furnishing department. In 2001 she left to set up Idolum, finally rolling all her textiles, sewing and soft furnishings knowledge into one.

Hobbies Landscape photography, fitness and strength training and reading, arthouse movies

Hates swags & tails (all that dust gathering in the folds)

Loves clever use of trimmings